The boulevard will be developed by the means of the development plan

On September 27, an important document of a Batumi Boulevard Development Plan was signed at the Boulevard colonnade, according to which for the first time in its history the seaside boulevard would have its own development plan.

The mutual cooperation document was signed by Irakli Jincharadze, Director of Batumi Boulevard and Mikheil Baliashvili, co-founder of Bau Design Company.

“Today is a historic day as we have signed an important document of Batumi Boulevard. Our main focus will be to preserve the look of the boulevard with the status of a cultural heritage site, conservation of the old boulevard, arrangement of an recreation area, food or leisure facilities.


All decisions on the Boulevard will be made solely within the framework of this document. This means both the proper development of the boulevard and the preservation a monument of cultural value. For all of us, the general plan of development will become a public tool of all actionable order,” Irakli Jincharadze said.

During the event, representatives of Bau Design introduced to the public the vision of the future development of Batumi Boulevard and the concept of the plan.



The project team involved in the development of the Boulevard Development Plan will be staffed by urban planners, cultural heritage specialists and invited industry experts, architects, local experts, as well as the Chris Blendorf Association – Landscape Architects Group (London, United Kingdom). In 2016, the company was awarded the Architectural Award “Best Urban Planning Project of the Year”.

Also, in 2016-2018 it became the winner of various competitions. The company has implemented many important projects in the field of town planning, cultural heritage real estate, landscape design and architecture. Completed projects include: Radio City – multifunctional complex in Tbilisi; Development Plan for resort Lebarde; General Plan of Bakuriani and Didi Mitarbi Land Use; Concept of development of Vere valley etc.

“Our plan, which will be developed during the year, will determine the future development of the boulevard. The boulevard includes both the old part, which is a cultural heritage, and the new boulevard. Therefore, the boulevard should be understood in a single vision. As for the old boulevard, the approach here will be towards conservation, as required by law. Intervention is planned on the new boulevard in order to improve this space,”said Irakli Zhvania.